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All of Our Products are Proudly Sewn in Wisconsin - USA

100% Made in America


We Ship All Regular USA Orders over $25.00 via Premium USPS Priority Mail Service.  Orders under $25.00 usually ship USPS First Class Mail.


Prairie Snowstorm G2 Hardfaced Mittens


-Thermal Windblocking Abrasion Resistant Outer Shells

-DWR Water Repellent & Breathable Outer Shells

-Built with 5 Layers Top & 5 Layers Bottom of Technical Insulating Materials to minimize Conductive & Convective Heat Loss

-Exceptional Inner Most Layer of Superior Excellence in Thermal Moisture Wicking & Transfer


Only $115.95 per pair


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Cold Head - How about the Warmest Hat in the World?

The Competition doesn't even come close to the warmth & heat that this Winter Hat generates with its 4 Layer Technical Fabric System & "their" one or two layer hats are still higher in price!

THE Windblocking Arctic Thermal Hats...available in sizes "Small/Medium" - "Large/XL" & "XXL" in colors black & white(except XXL is only in black)

Starting at only $47.99 each & up

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Our FINAL Season
(Posted August 11th, 2016)

Yes...Going into our 13th Year of manufacturing and selling direct to end user Customers on all (7) Continents on Planet Earth - Fall 2016 into Winter 2017 will be our last selling season of our World Class - 100% Made in the USA - Technical Advantage Gear!

It's doubtful you'll "ever again" find Cold Weather Gear & Accessories that have been built to our strategic engineering designs & actual performance standards....so to all of our past customers, you may want to consider purchasing some reserve replacement gear items for down the road.  For those that have only window shopped us over the past years - well...buy it now or forever live with your cold fingers, heads, faces and other body parts from using some other brand of gear items that you chose to still use!

As we run out of Inventory stock on our Website items, they won't be replenished and instead will be "No Longer Available".....FOREVER...

We're looking to have another stellar and Final season of business and have always appreciated all, ok 99.9% of the Customers that we have done business with over the years.  We planned to stay with this business project for six or seven years and now going on thirteen years later, it's finally time to answer the voices driving us to open the door to other new adventures, challenges and a different pace in life.

Our Business Mission was simple;  Manufacture 100% of our Cold Weather Gear by ourselves in Wisconsin - USA; Use only 100% Made in the USA Technical Fabrics in our processes; Provide outstanding & fast order processing with premium shipping at the lowest net cost: Sell our World Class Gear items at everyday low pricing and engineer & build the warmest performance based gear on Planet Earth.  We did so...by looking at & studying other competitive companies and then we "DID THE OPPOSITE". It worked.  We never wanted to be the biggest, rather just the "best in the World" in what we did....

The earlier you order what you need, the sooner you'll be assured of getting what you want.  If you snooze this time around....then you'll probably lose out?

Thank you for your business - IBDCC LLC
Technical Advantage Gear
100% Made in Wisconsin - USA

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  • Now Here - NEW - Limited Edition Logoed

    Womens Storm Chaser 200-Midweight Fleece Tops

    Available Now:  Only $59.95 each

    White Front & Back Main Torso & Collar with Soft Cream White Toned Sleeves
    Available in Womens sizes Small, Medium & Large

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    Now Here - NEW - Limited Quantity

    "Real Man" Sized - Storm Chaser Cabin/Vehicle Magnum Blanket/Throw

    Available Now:  Any Color - Only $59.95 each
    (Ships to USA Customers Only)

    Measures a pleasing approx 59"W x 80"L

    A special 2 layered design - Featuring an outer Black Doddy Finish that provides windblocking protection & is DWR water repellect treated for shedding the moisture.  The inner Red Layer stacks on added combination warmth from it's 200 weight - Midweight Fleece technical material  generating a total combination thermal R-value of R-2.55.  A special Magnum Blanket storage/travel bag measuring 18" x 29" is included FREE.

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    Also "Now" Available with Green Outer & Red Inner Layer

    Measures approximate 59" W x 80" L - Same Great Price - Same Technical Specifications & also includes FREE Storage Bag!

    and also in

    With Pandora Red Outer & Red Inner Layer
    Measures approximate 60" W x 79" L - Same Great Price - Same Technical Specifications & also includes FREE Storage Bag!

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  • Our Favorite Charities that we Contribute To & Support

    Our Cold Weather Gear & Accessories Website Strategy has always been to sell at everyday low pricing and to do so 365 days a year, therefore everyone is entitled to the best price all of the time.  We also never pocketed any extra dollars on Customer Shipping & Handling costs, therefore the rational for S&H Rebates & the opportunity to earn the 5% Discount to further offset S&H costs.  Despite these low margin costing strategies, we "always" and "forever" found extra business funds to donate to Charities that are in the business to help others in need.  Here are the IBDCC LLC - Corporate Top 3:

    Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida
    Fort Meyers, FL
    $31.3 million in food value given out - Providing 15.3 million meals - $0.97 on every dollar goes directly towards food - Each $1 donation equates to $6 in food value.

    Union Gospel Mission
    St Paul, MN
    Covers the Twin Cities area - With 73% of the annual budget going toward direct care for those hurting in the community.

    River Falls Community Food Pantry
    River Falls, WI
    In 2014, they collected 311,931 lbs of food to help those within the River Falls School District geography.

    People helping people - Doesn't get any better then that & we're happy that we have been a small part of the process over the years...

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    Sled Dog Central
    "Your on-line sled dog advertising & information source"

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    We also will accept payments via a Money Order for those who choose not to order on-line and pay though the secure PayPal order processing & credit card system.  A slick way to pay using a Money Order, once we have confirmed to you via e-mail or phone what your order total is with shipping and handling, is to just go to you local US Post Office.  YOU CAN get US Postal Service Money Orders right at the counter, at a slight fee and then at the same time you can just drop it in the mail while you are still there.  Once we get the U.S. Postal Service Money order, we will ship your order immediately because there is no additional check clearing time required.


    Please also note that you "do not" have to pre-register or register "at all" with PayPal in order to use your credit card for payment during the checkout process...hooray!



    "Changing How People Stay Warm - One Person at a Time -

    Since 2004"


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     Discount Rebate

    All Customer Orders Totaling $125.00 or greater of Gear/Merchandise receive a 5% S&H Discount Rebate Credit, which helps to further offset the cost of Shipping & Handling.

    We also issue  Discount Rebate Credits back via Paypal after we process your order for shipment...if applicable.

    We're American's Working to make World Class Cold Weather Gear & Accessories right here in the USA.

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    Merchandise Return Policy & Details

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    Effective 10/17/13 - All Customer Orders of $150.00 or greater in merchandise ordered, will now be shipped with added USPS Signature Confirmation required for delivery receipt.

    Mountaineering & Expedition "Cutting Edge" Gear

    XWick 3.4 TRH

    A Revolution in High Exertion Physical Activity Expedition Grade Gear



    XWick 3.4 TRH Expedition Windblocking Thermal Wicking Straight Neck Gaiter


    - 3 Layer regulated warmth technical fabric system.


    - Enhanced added inner layer of superior thermal mositure wicking fabric.


    - Hardfaced soft shell outer layer for taking abrasion punishment and thermally blocking out the wind.


    -Excellence in total warmth that is regulated based on enhanced breathability & is designed for high exertion physical exercise extreme cold weather adventures.


    Only $31.95 each


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    XWick 3.9 TRH Expedition 1.4 Windblocking Thermal Wicking Drop Pad Neck Gaiter


    -Same technical fabric and layering design specifications as above, (3 Layer System) except this unit is designed with (1) full drop pad in the front and a 40% length drop pad in the rear.


    - Front drop pad seals out the cold penetrating air & adds additional warmth for the upper chest core area.


    - Rear 40% drop pad seals out the cold air around the lower neck and upper back area.


    -Excellence in total warmth that is regulated based on enhanced breathability & is designed for high exertion physical exercise extreme cold weather adventures.


    Only $49.95 each


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